No Access Published Online: 23 August 2019
The Physics Teacher 57, 382 (2019);
The IOLab is a versatile and inexpensive data acquisition device in a cart that can roll on its three wheels. It has numerous sensors for a variety of physical quantities. We adapted RealTime Physics, Module 1: Mechanics active learning labs for use with the IOLab. We tested these labs both on campus and with distance learners at Portland State University and Chemeketa Community College for three years, consistently obtaining significant conceptual learning gains on the Force and Motion Conceptual Evaluation (FMCE). Student attitudes towards the labs, the device, and distance learning—as measured by post-course evaluations—were generally very positive.
We would like to thank Dr. Mats Selen and his colleagues at the University of Illinois and Dr. Geoffroy Piroux at B12 Consulting for development of the IOLab and software. We also thank Dr. Selen for providing IOLabs for our pilot studies, and for listening to the many suggestions we made for improving the IOLab software, and Dr. Piroux for rapidly implementing most of these suggestions. We thank Dr. Kathleen Harper for her guidance as our evaluator, the NSF for financial support of our work, John Wiley and Sons for their permission to adapt RTP, and MacMillan, the manufacturer and distributor of the IOLab. We also thank Chemeketa students Paul Ivanov, Nicholas Jones, and Benjamin Steele and PSU teaching assistants Mike DeArmond and Caitlin Kepple for their contributions to this project.


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