No Access Submitted: 02 January 1992 Accepted: 16 April 1992 Published Online: 04 June 1998
American Journal of Physics 60, 1003 (1992);
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  • Department of Physics FM‐15, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195
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  • Peter S. Shaffer
  • Lillian C. McDermott
This is the second of two closely related articles that together describe how results from research can be used as a guide for curriculum development. The first article shows how the investigation of student understanding of electric circuits by the Physics Education Group has contributed to the building of a research base. This second article describes how the group has drawn on this resource both in developing a curriculum for laboratory‐based instruction and in adapting this curriculum to fit the constraints of a traditional introductory course. Also discussed is how, in turn, development and implementation of the curriculum have enriched the research base.
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